Thursday, 2 June 2011

Deck Profile # 1: Elemental Fenix OTK

Some days ago I have heard people saying about the Fusion Monsters ,that are completely dead and only Synchro are worthing making a deck about them. I disagree. Fusion Monsters with all the support out there they are more powerful than ever and in hands of good players they can really shine.

The truth is that Synchro have an advantage over Fusion and that is the ability to be summoned without the ability of a special card like Polymerization and they are more generic. For example almost every deck can summon Stardust Dragon and the only think they need is one tuner and one non-tuner monster on the field. In the other hand not every deck can summon Cyber-Twin Dragon and the one that can must use a Polymerization and two specific monsters. This is a minus two by its nature when the synchro summon is a minus one and also Synchro have more flexibility since tuner and non-tuner in the field with eight stars in total can mean Stardust Dragon or Scrap Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend or Thought Ruler Archfiend and so on.

But there are cards out there that neutralize those weaknesses. Duelists use for some time now Miracle Fusion to use Fusion Materials from the Graveyard. There are also the Semi-Generic Elemental HERO Monsters like Absolute Zero or The Shining with great effect plus can be summoned using anything as the second material. But even those advantages cannot help the Fusion reach the level of Synchro. But what if there was a combo, that allow you to Fusion Summon unlimited times for a turn using Fusion Material from anywhere including your field ,your hand ,your graveyard ,even your deck. I am talking of course for the Fusion Gate - Chain Material Combo.

This combo have been tried out through the years but it was never good due to the two negative effects of Chain Material. But how to use this combo to it's fullest? The best approach I have seen and the first I have tried out is with a very powerful fusion, Destiny End Dragoon. Due to his reviving effect and his ability to destroy and inflict damage without attacking make him seem like the perfect monster for this job plus he is a target for Eradicator Epidemic Virus and Deck Devastation Virus. But unfortunately it is not because of his reliance for Destiny Heroes to the Graveyard, the time when it revives (it leaves you open for a turn) , it's reliance of what your opponent has out and his weakness to many popular cards like Stardust Dragon or Effect Veiler. Also this deck had many dead draws since it was necessary to include 3 x Plasma and 3 x Dogma. I will rethink this deck when Destiny Draw and possibly Allure of Darkness are in the Semi-Limited or Unlimited list.

The second attempt I made was the Semi Generic Elemntal Heroes. Specifically Absolute Zero and The Shining both have an effect when destroyed and such I could use summon the turn I activates chain material 3 The Shining and an Absolute Zero and in the end phase get a plus six in my hand and clear my opponents front row ,and next turn use the Heroes I took and summon a swarm of monster that could attack and bring my opponents life to zero. But this plann has more holes than a swiss cheese and so I abandoned it without much thought.

The third and final approach is by far the best one. It abuses two currently OCG-only cards (sorry guys) but can wipe your opponent's life points in an instant. I am talking about Blaze Fenix ,the Burning Bombardment Bird and his little friend Ignition Beast Volcannon. The first ones effect is the most important. Since it inflicts 300 points for every card on the field with Fusion Gate-Chain Material can be summoned all three of them in a turn wiping out all your opponents life points. It only needs 9 cards on the field (3 Birds x 300 x 9 =8100) and since you can summon as many as Five fusion monsters plus the Fusion Gate means that your spell/trap zone and your opponent's field must have three or more cards in total ,a very often situation. But if you play against something like Frognarch and there is only a Caius in the field you can fuse one of your birds along with a Machine from your Deck/Graveyard ,summon Ignition Beast Volcannon ,activate it's effect on Caius and wipe out your opponents remaining life points.

Monsters x 13
Elemental HERO Stratos x 1
Elemental HERO Neos Alius x1
Elemental HERO Ice Edge x 1
Elemental HERO Voltic x 1
Elemental HERO Heat x 3
Card Trooper x 2
Cyber Valley x 3
D.D. Warrior Lady x 1

Stratos in this deck just unfolds his true potential. When he is summoned when Fusion Gate is in the field you can bring one of the other HEROES in  your hand and Fusion for an Absolute Zero or The Shining or Nova Master or Great Tornado. You wanted flexibility in fusion ,there you have it! Neos Alius is added due to his high attack and his Attribute (The Shining is the best in this deck since when he dies you get back two HEROES ,most likely Stratos and Alius and use them to make another The Shining). I have decided to include Ice Edge instead of Ocean as a Hero of the Water Attribute due to his spell/trap hate, his immunity to trap hole and bottomless trap hole and his direct attack , but in most occasions is just Fusion Material for summoning Raigeki-With-Feets a.k.a. Absolute Zero. Voltic is the second Light-Attributed HERO, and is added instead of a second Alius due to his awesome effect that allows for mass swarms and multiple huge Fusions at once.

Elemental Hero Heat serves many purposes in this deck. His eighteen hundred attack points making him quite a beatstick (he gets 200 by himself and with another E-Hero in the field jumps up to two thousand) plus he can be used for the summon of Nova Master , a very good Fusion Monster with fairly good attack and an awesome effect (he is planned to come to TCG with Generation Force). Finally he serves as the Pyro source for summoning Blaze Fenix and Volcannon. Card Trooper serve as a beatstick and draw power and along  with Cyber Valley and it's multiple drawing/stalling/retrieving effects as the Machine source for the second half of the requirements of summoning the OTK Fusions. The reason I have include only 3 Pyro-Type in contrast of the 5 Machine-Type is that Blaze Fenix itself is Pyro and can be used for fullfilling the requirements of another Fenix or Volcannon. Finally D.D. Warrior Lady have been included for her ability to remove opposing threats such as Stardust.

Spells x 18
Fusion Gate x 3
Terraforming x 3
E - Emergency Call x 3
Reinforcments of the Army x 1
Pot of Duality x 3
Mystical Space Typhoon x 2
Dark Hole x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
Machine Dublication x 1

Fusion Gate is the core of this deck and so  three copies have included along with three Terraforming to ensure maximum consistency. Three copies of E-Call and 1 RotA have been included to search for Stratos (or other Heroes) and perform Fusion Summons before the OTK. A playset of Pot of Duality are here for it's ability to make any deck more consistent ,a thing very important in this deck (I apologize to everyone who has not Dualitys ,including myself , but the deck was just to good with them to ignore ,alternatively you could use A Cat of Ill Omen for searching Chain Material). Two copies of Mystical Space Typhoon and a single copy of Dark Hole and Monster Reborn have been included as pretty much staples in this format. Machine Duplication in this deck serves as Draw Power as it can summon two Card Trooper or three Cyber Valley in the deck which in the first case mean two nineteen hundred beatstick along with two free cards and in the second can mean too many things: Two draws and the third Valley left for stall and a third draw or four draws at the cost of another card or retrieval of a card from Graveyard to top of the deck and then two draws to bring the said card to the hand. As you can see this can bring some amazing combos but I prefered to keep it at minimum in order to avoid it becoming a dead draw.

Traps x 9
Chain Material x 3
Dark Bribe x 3
Mirror Force x 1
Torrential Tribute x 1
Solemn Judgment x 1

Chain Material is the second piece of the OTK and obviously should be included in three copies. Dark Bribe, well I was always a fan of this card over Seven Tools despite the advantage it gives to the opponent but this deck really needs it because the OTK cannot be ruined only by something like Seven Tools or Trap Stun but also Mystical Space Typhoon and such I have decided to include it and this is a decision I stand by. The final three cards have been included for their awesome effects that earned them all a spot in the Limited list.

Extra Deck x 15
Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird x 3
Ignition Beast Volcannon x 2
Elemental HERO The Shining x 3
Elemental HERO Absolute Zero x1
Elemental HERO Nova Master x 2
Elemental HERO Gaia x 1
Elemental HERO Great Tornado x 1
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon x 1
Dragon Knight Draco Equiste x 1

Since the Extra Deck is not all that packed I have added Gaia ,Draco-Equiste and Great Tornado for my side decked Super Polymerization.

About the OTK you should proceed very carefully. If your opponent does not activate something in response of Chain Material ,do not let your guard down. Solemn Warning to a Fenix is not a problem since it cannot be activated in response to a summon though Fusion Gate but Torrential, Bottomless and Veiler are all a problem. For Torrential the best you can do is summon  Fenixes one by one(so if they  and try activating Torrential in your last one they will take some damage at least). For Bottomless and Veiler there are not many things you can do just remember that if you can't win in this turn ,summon an Absolute Zero and punish your opponent with a Raigeki in your End Phase. Also it is always good to summon The Shining first since it can tempt your opponent to use Bottomless on him (this works if he do not know your deck obviously) and in case of Torrential you get two HEROES to perform a Fusion Summon without Chain Material that will protect you in the opponent's turn.

All in all this deck is in my opinion one of the best Fusion Decks out there with the ability to unleash a Burn OTK with only two cards (and remember ,noone is prepared against burn decks) or beat down his opponent with powerful Normal Summons such as Neos Alius or Fusion Summons such as The Shining. I apologize again for using OCG-only cards but I really liked this deck and loved to write about it.

P.S. After I have created the deck I have seen that there was a similiar one abusing the same combo but in a First Turn Kill using Bubble Illusion for activating the Chain Material and Elemental HERO Electrum to repeatedly summon Blaze Fenix and wipe out the opponent's life points. I found this deck as all FTK inconsistent ,situational and most of all boring. But if someone wants to take a look I have added in bibliography a video of this deck I found.

Thanks for reading and till next time.


Jason Grabher-Meyer, 2008, Metagame, "The Apotheosis: Dragoon Control"

Percival18, 2011, Youtube, "Yugioh WC 2011 Blaze Fenix FTK"

This is the 2nd version of the deck. Things changed :
Removed : Cyber Dragon x 2, Solemn Warning x 1, Elemental HERO Neos Alius x 1
Added : Card Trooper x 2, Machine Duplication x 1, Elemental HERO Voltic x 1


  1. I so much agree with you about the FTK of this deck. Unbelievably unconsistent and boring as every FTK that takes 10 mins for the opponent to understand he will lose if he does not have veiler. But this is very interesting and with a lot of potential. I have tried it a bit online and the times I got Fusion Gate all ran pretty smoothly but if the does not get a Fusion Gate till the third round at most it will most likely lose. It needs some sort of draw power but I could not think any. But nice article and a good deck with some minor problems of inconsistency. 8/10 is my rating.

  2. 8/10? Fair enough, that was the rating I would give also. Mainly for your point: Needs the Fusion Gate to work. About draw engines as you have seen I added 3 Pot of Duality and 3 Cyber Valley to add some speed.

    One can also use Dimensional Alchemist to retrieve Cards send from the Fusion Gate or his own effect but honestly he is not all that good.

    But because I agree with you I have posted a updated the deck with a new combo for some additional draw power. Check it out and thanks for posting L

  3. Nice addition the Card Troopers and Machine Dupl. As for Voltic I was gonna suggest it mysefl. It opens new possibilities for the deck Now it takes 8.5/10 :P

  4. Not bad for a local event.
    I'll try it! :)

  5. This is a nice twist to a Fenix deck. I'm very new to this but it seems your build relies on Chain Material just as much as the 'traditional' versions of the deck, ie I don't think you can stand up against the common meta decks without it for long. Or is it not so?
    Did you consider or have you tried the other version?